No longer a healthy blue colour

The uMdloti River saga floods social media and Shapes of Africa is part of the ongoing disgust. Residents in Mount Moreland are frantic about the status quo of the uMdloti River on Durban’s north coast. Why is there no action taking place towards correcting what has gone wrong? Raw sewage flowing unchecked into a river catchment is an environmental and health hazard!

Residents Voice their Concerns

What a pity we all have to become experts on sewage disposal and give the department the answers they are supposed to be giving us.  If the problem cannot be resolved by the Water Department then a site visit to the water works needs to be arranged for residents and reporters so we can identify the problems for ourselves.  We insist on this, as rate and taxpayers.

Every other day there is someone “testing” the water or doing “something” to lead everyone to believe this issue is being addressed. But nothing has changed – in fact the water is darker and smells worse than ever!

How is it possible for the Durban municipality and government to think living in this environment is healthy and acceptable? Why are there people and departments in place if they are not willing to do the job at hand?

This is a serious issue and a health risk to wild life, people, fish, and plants! Are you waiting for people to die above the wild life and other animals? Birds drink this water too!

Raw Sewage!

Can this not be taken seriously? And addressed seriously? Why is the Verulam water facility being shielded and allowed to get away with this? They know there is no come back and no repercussion – so they continue! Turning a blind eye is unacceptable and this matter is not only for the press to investigate but now a Carte Blanche investigation as it would appear that is the last resort which may get a bit of action!

It is not hard to bring to book those accountable for this and get it sorted out! Why are we waiting for “someone else” to make decisions here when it is clear we have a problem? A huge urgent problem!

River Health Matters! We will march until it is sorted out!

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