The uMdloti River is STILL stinky and black! What is going on and how long will this take to fix? Shapes of Africa has been part of the process to highlight the appalling status quo of this important water source and catchment area.

We need the authorities to act NOW! We care about our environment, our living creatures, our water and our futures! Does the municipality care about their futures? Why does the Verulam Sewage Works keep so quiet and just never commit to sorting out their issue? We want answers please!

The Mount Moreland Sunset Series Trail Runs are beautiful and take place once a month until April. Join us as we run through the rolling green hills of Zululand, the ocean on the horizon, the Barn Swallows our guides. Shapes of Africa will be there! Find us for your after run drink and a nutritious meal to boot!

Meet like-minded people on the trail, and afterwards as you relax with a drink in hand and healthy food to reboot your body! Look out for Shapes of Africa at the event!