Mount Moreland Happenings

What’s on in Feb? Lots and lots is on in Feb! At the one and only Shapes of Africa eco backpackers in Mount Moreland. Get here or be square. February is Valentine’s Month, Duzi Canoe Marathon Month and Pilates-on-Treefrog Deck-Month. February is a LEAP YEAR nogal, so remember them frogs and come to Shapes for a yoga morning on Treefrog Deck too!

March sees us chilling out a bit with our Sound Journey at the end of the Month. We will include Pilates and Yoga on this weekend to enhance the theme of Going Within and Nurturing the Fire Within.

Check out this awesome coverage about our famous Barn Swallows, thanks to one of our fave accommodation websites!


417 paddlers, 26km and two portages! This is the Ozzie Gladwin! Now that you've got it under your belt, it's time to take the next step and get your Dusi entry in! Filmed by: WILD AIR TV

Posted by Dusi Canoe Marathon on Sunday, 26 January 2020
This is the Ozzi Gladwin race, completed on Sunday 26 January!

Join Shapes of Africa doing the Duzi Canoe Marathon, 2020! Hoping against all hope that the Duzi River is clean as a machine. We are machines! We will race and we will win our race. It will be our personal victory.

Activities at Shapes of Africa include canoeing, hiking, fishing, surfing and biking. Join us also on the Pilates deck for a healthy workout then a nutritious breakfast.

We invite you to join us on canoe marathons and more. Shapes of Africa is an outdoor lover’s dream holiday spot. Rustic Zulu rondavels, an indigenous garden, the sounds of chickens clucking and birds chirruping. A place to soothe your soul and be free.

Hit the open water in the southern Drakensberg when you enter the Drak Challenge. Rains can bring the white waters, drought can bring the rocks and lots of runs. But hey, being in the mountains makes up for any waters and Shapes of Africa always comes in speedy and strong.

If you missed that canoe marathon, there will be many more this year. The Duzi Canoe Marathon is a biggie in Feb, keeping canoeists on their toes. Shapes of Africa loves the Duzi but we hate Duzi guts! Urgh, keep those rivers clean, Municipalities! Thank goodness there are no canoe marathons on the uMdloti River or we would all be in heaven right now! How siff is that river or what hey?!

Raw sewage is flowing unabated into the ocean while Zuma gallavants at his homestead on a quadbike and our President sips tea on the stoep. Come on boys! Clean up your acts – and our Beloved Country!

Shapes of Africa invites you to watch us at our annual canoe marathons and more – maybe you will try this sport and be hooked, line and sinker, just like we are!

February is Valentine’s Month and Love is in the Air at Shapes of Africa. We also have much More to offer you all when you come and experience our exquisite eco accommodation in the forest! Activities abound for young and old alike…

Watch this space – we are planning an awesome sound journey with Shomon -our local talented musician… In fact, if you love music, come to our monthly open mic music eves hosted by Shapes of Africa, setup by Shomon.

We are planning an energising Pilates workshop with Wendy from Vibe Tribe in March. 

Get that Christmas body moving again – start trail running with the Shapes team, around the Mount Moreland Conservancy. See the elusive bush buck while you canter through the hills, and spot the Fish Eagles, swallows and gorgeous hornbills.

If you prefer a slower pace, take one of our nature strolls around the neighbourhood where we teach you about the birds, the trees, the history of Mount Moreland, and so much more.

Check out our Pilates Vibe Tribe timetable on this page in an earlier post. We share the deck with Yoga Maya, delightful Hatha Yoga to strengthen, stretch and relax.

Remember to book an unforgettable vegan dinner at Shapes of Africa whether you are staying the night in one of our Zulu rondavels, or just passing by.

Shapes of Africa is a nature lover’s paradise and a sports enthusiasts’ hideout. Watch this space for more retreats in nature where we include Pilates, hikes, trail runs, surfs and canoe trips.

February is Valentine’s Month and Love is in the Air at Shapes of Africa. We also have much More to offer you all when you come and experience our exquisite eco accommodation in the forest!

Without Nature, we are Nothing

Hear the plea: sewage spills spoil nature! Shapes of Africa is desperate. Sewage spills not only spoil every element we need to survive – water, soil, air and wildlife, but so too do they spoil human health. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE report this problem which has been ongoing for years now – since 2009 at least! The Verulam sewerage works is releasing sewerage into the Umdloti River.

Take Action Against Polluters

Shapes of Africa is an environmentally-friendly budget accommodation venue as close to the King Shaka International Airport as is possible for your convenience. We care about our proximity to a clean river and a beautiful natural environment. We care about our guests and the future of tourism in our area!

We need clean water!

THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM ALL OVER ETHEKWENI!!!!! All our waterways are polluted. This affects THE ENVIRONMENT, FISHING, TOURISM, SPORTS, RECREATION, DRINKING WATER!!!!! Why is it still an ongoing issue more than 10 years later?

Shapes of Africa is an ECO BACKPACKERS situated in the wildlife CONSERVANCY OF MOUNT MORELAND. We care about our heritage, the wild animals, the birds, the beautiful plants we have and our soil and water. We are nothing without these things! No tourists, no health, no life.

Create Exposure to Save Nature

Shapes of Africa wants to CREATE EXPOSURE! We intend to uncover these problems that the municipalities ARE NOT DEALING WITH!!!!! The exorbitant rates we pay as a business are going nowhere. They should be used to maintain good services including clean water, waste removal and sewerage removal in a safe and environmental manner. The fat cats get fatter and the poor suffer more; the environment gets no vote. People are nothing without a healthy environment.

The Proof is in the Media

Journalist Tony Carnie reported in 2013 that the source of the sewage pollution in the uMdloti River has been traced to the eThekwini’s municipality’s treatment works in Verulam. Residents complained for 3 long weeks about the pungent smell and waste flowing in the river onto the uMdloti Beach!

STRINIVASEN GOVENDER even did his Masters paper in 2009 on the vile subject of sewage pollution affecting the uMdloti River: “On-site observations, water quality analysis and the questionnaire survey thus conclude that the influence of natural and anthropogenic impacts is contributing negatively to water quality of the Umdloti River. The informal settlement’s that are scattered along the catchment have contributed to high E. coli levels in the river as does the waste water treatment works. The increased urban, industrial and agricultural activities in the catchment have impacted the middle and lower reaches of the Umdloti River negatively. High levels of ammonia, nitrate, sulphate, phosphate, TDS, BOD and magnesium were recorded. In summary the anthropogenic impacts has increasingly contributed to elevated pollutant levels in the Umdloti River as compared to the natural impacts.”

It is up to each and every one of us to rise and have our say. Protest when we see such dis-service to communities so that our natural resources suffer, therefore our own health!

Shapes of Africa invites your comments – together we can tackle this grave wrong-doing against a river catchment and all living things that depend on the health of the ecosystem.

Beach Holidays at Shapes of Africa are idyllic. Where else can you be on the beach in 5 minutes, diving through the warm Indian Ocean waves?

Shapes of Africa offers surf boards for hire and a surfing lesson too if you require. Grab a boogie board and speed into shore at high tide on huge warm waves. Maybe catch a fish from a kayak?

When you book a holiday at Shapes of Africa, you get the best rates in town. And you are 5 minutes from King Shaka International Airport on Durban’s North Coast. Budget accommodation at its best!

Check out our activities here:

The tour of Shapes of Africa starts right here – take time to look around this rustic stay over and then book a bed in a rondavel or a cabin or a caravan. You will want to stay here at this budget backpackers forever!

Park in front of the gate beside welcoming signs when you arrive at Shapes of Africa. This Durban accommodation is ultra inviting, ultra environmental and so close to the King Shaka Airport you can almost fall straight into your bed from the car hire place.

When you enter Shapes of Africa, your tour starts under tall shady trees where a path leads you to the lapa. Order a home-brewed coffee, sit on the deck and watch the monkeys and birds socialise in the forest around you. Wander down the wooden stairs to your rondavel or cabin and settle into this natural paradise.

Choose a pilates class in the morning or a walk in the sugar cane. Eat a wholesome breakfast of meusli and fruit, yoghurt, eggs and toast. The salt of the Earth. Which accommodation would you choose?

Wakka Wakka – a typical Zulu mud hut, rondavel. Sleeps 10 – 5 on sturdy bunk beds. Shared ablutions. Own braai area, communal kitchen. Bird watch from your stoep.

House of the Rising Sun – Hippie caravan, king size bed, shared ablutions. Watch the sun rise in the valley when the birds awake you.

House of the Rising Sun – Twin bed wooden cabin, shared ablutions, communal kitchen, braai area. Smell the forest as the dew falls in the night.

Plane Spotting – Twin bed wooden cabin, shared ablutions, communal kitchen, braai area. Sip coffee as you watch Boeings take off and land so close you can almost reach out and touch them.

Swallows Nest – Wooden cabin, double bed, shared ablutions, communal kitchen, braai area. A hidden gem in the trees where the chickens scratch.

Shakas Rox – Zulu Rondavel – Stone cottage – en-suite, double bed or 2 – 4 single beds with mozzie nets, own kitchenette and deck with breath-taking view of Umdloti River Valley.

A tour of Shapes of Africa always starts and ends at the lapa – where you will find the bar, kitchen, deck and communal toilets. Dine here every night on delicious homemade fare created with dedication and love: Thai Green Curries, Oxtail Stews, stiff pap with tomato and onion sauce, braaiied boerewors on a roll, sourdough bread straight from the oven, fresh salads from the garden – and so much more to warm the cockles of your heart!

Take a tour of Shapes of Africa. Relaxing, eco accommodation with a buzz. So close to Umdloti Beach and the local coffee shops and stores. So close to the N2 and the King Shaka International Airport. Pick your rondavel or cabin or caravan and stay a few peaceful days in this natural paradise! A winning eco rustic stay over made for travellers who like to explore the Zululand North Coast.

What do holidays mean to you? At Shapes of Africa, holidays are about chilling, being outdoors and connecting with Mother Nature. When you book into this surreal Zululand Experience, a stone’s throw from King Shaka International Airport outside Durban, you immediately feel lighter. Watch all your worries float away as you sip a local coffee brew and plan a day at Umdloti Beach.

See what we do at this quality budget backpacker’s’ lodge – every picture tells a story. Choose one of our awesome activities and take part in something new and adventurous when you come and holiday on the Durban North Coast at Shapes of Africa …

We will take you canoeing, on river and on ocean …
Come braai a tjop with us at Shapes!
We will introduce you to warm Zulu folk who live in rural Zululand
Walk along Umdloti Beach and pick up shells then stop for a coffee
Visit Hluhluwe-mFolozi to see the critically endangered Rhino – before it is too late!
We will show you our huge back yard in the rolling hills of Zululand.
  • Walk the dogs with us at Shapes of Africa
  • Sip a cold beverage under the canopy of indigenous trees, brimming with bird life
  • Canoe on the river, kayak on the ocean – go fish or go take photos, the choice is yours
  • Drive with us into the interior to meet real Zulu people and experience their culture
  • Venture into the heart of Zululand on foot and find out more about our natural heritage
  • Rest, relax and rave on!